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TitleArtistDate Made
Six Little GoatsHandforth, Thomas1935View
Dutch OvenDetwiller, Frederick Knechtca. 1929View
Far MountainKipniss, Robert1971View
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the HillsBloch, Julius 1958View
Sita and HanumunHandforth, Thomas1934View
Girl on Orange and Black Mexican RugPearlstein, Philip1973View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1970sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1953/54View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
Chinese Wrestlers IHandforth, Thomas1932View
GeronaArms, John Taylor1924View
Pink Stone (from Primary Series)Krasner, Lee1969View
Tiger LiliesVanderbilt, GloriaView
A Neighbor of Anne Hathaway'sWarren, Elizabeth B.View
Multiple AMarca-Relli, Conrad1969View
UntitledLipton, Seymour1969View
Blue Stone (from Primary Series)Krasner, Lee1969View
Homer; Drawings for the IliadBaskin, Leonardca. 1963View
SkinPetlin, IrvingView
OOORuscha, Edward1970View
The Great White Cloud, LeedsPennell, Joseph1909View
Flat Iron Building from series "Lithographs of New York, 1904"Pennell, Joseph1904View
Self PortraitBaskin, Leonard1951View
Clinch II (Grapple)Handforth, Thomas1933View
Young HarlequinHandforth, Thomas1934View
Lou GehrigKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Der Russische Revolutions FilmKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Black and GreyGottlieb, Adolph1967View
Vittore PisanelloBaskin, Leonard1960View
The Catch from the series "Homage to Ingres"Graziani, Sante1966View
Building the Star of Oregon, Number 4McIlwraith, William F.1934View
Frontispiece from portfolio SelvagginaSavelli, Angelo1987View
UntitledBertoia, Harry1946View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
UntitledBertoia, Harry1962View
Grey Pilgrim (Miao Feng Shan Pilgrim)Handforth, Thomas1935View
Lil' Abner - UntitledCapp, Alfred G.1976View
Lil' Abner - The QuestionCapp, Alfred G.1976View
Four SeasonsBayer, Herbert1969View
Lil' Abner - Who's That Comin'?Capp, Alfred G.1976View
Multiple CMarca-Relli, Conrad1969View
Lil' Abner - Th' Feend!!Capp, Alfred G.1976View
Germination IGottlieb, Adolph1967View
Lil' Abner - Wife's PurposeCapp, Alfred G.1976View
Hooded OwlAvery, Milton1953View
An Artillery TrainEby, Kerrca. 1919/27View
The Old OrderArms, John Taylor1948View
The PressBicknell, William Harry Warren1903View
Summer Evening in New MexicoKloss, Gene (Alice Geneva Glasier)View
Workers in the DawnKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Short TakesKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
SoliloquyBarnet, Will1972View
BalloonsCalder, Alexander1973View
Framing Up, Wooden Shipyard [War Series]Detwiller, Frederick Knecht1918View
Summer Suite (D)Marca-Relli, Conrad1970View
Photo-eye (El Lissitzky)Kitaj, R. B.1969/70View
SwimmerRivers, LarryView
Untitled (Landscape with bridge over stream)Farran, Lester 1935View
Sunrise at BayonneKomar and Melamid (Vitali Komar and Aleksandr Melamid)1989View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1960sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1954/56View
UntitledBertoia, Harry1964View
Brother and SisterHandforth, Thomas1934/34View
Calligraphic Study IIMotherwell, Robert1976View
Big Patchogue BentPoleskie, Stephen Francis1969View
Four Seasons: FallAltman, Harold1965View
UntitledMcCullagh, Roy1976View
Calligraphic Study IIIMotherwell, Robert1976View
Interior with Suspended PlantKipniss, RobertView
Courtship of Rama (Rama and Situ)Handforth, Thomas1934View
Snow SparrowCarter, Bruce1970View
Permit Me Voyage from the portfolio In Our Time: Covers for a Small Library After the Life for the Most PartKitaj, R. B.1969View
Pews from series "News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues"Ruscha, Edward1970View
Ready-Aim from the series Boston MassacreRivers, Larry1970View
Four Seasons: SpringAltman, Harold1965View
Black by YellowTobey, Mark1973View
American EnculturationCarter, Bruce1970View
DippedD'Arcangelo, Allan1967View
Architectural Cadences #4Sheeler, Charles1954View
Ritchitma, a Mongolian LadyHandforth, Thomas1933View
After Constant TroyonBicknell, William Harry Warren1914View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
Maid and RavanaHandforth, Thomas1934View
Calligraphic Study IMotherwell, Robert1976View
UntitledLipton, Seymour1969View
UntitledMcCullagh, Roy1976View
Four Scale Multiples of FourBayer, Herbert1968/73View
American FlagScott, Jeffrey1975View

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