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TitleArtistDate Made
In His Magesty's Collection, Portrait of an Unknown LadyBartolozzi, Francesco1799View
View of the LouvreCallot, Jacquesca. 1631View
Romulus and Remus found by ShepherdsBouzonnet-Stella, Antoinette (after Antoine Bouzonnet-Stella)1676View
Happy '85Dorazio, Piero1984View
Ne sommes-nous pas forcats?, "Are we not slaves?," from the portfolio MiserereRouault, Georges1926, published 1948View
Tokyo from portfolio titled "Twenty Cities"Kimura, Riseburo1973View
Balli: Razullo & CucurucuCallot, Jacques1621View
Balli: Smaraolo & Ratsa di BoioCallot, Jacques1621View
Venice from portfolio titled "Twenty Cities"Kimura, Riseburo1973View
Rio from portfolio titled "Twenty Cities"Kimura, Riseburo1973View
Le Triomphe MondainBesnard, Albertca. 1886View
Untitled, "E"House, Gordon1970View
E BrownTucker, William G.1969View
(Red, Blue, Orange on Yellow)Frost, Terry1969View
Leo 139Blake, Peter1969View
St. CatherineCollaert, AdriaenUnknownView
La Tour de L'Horloge, ParisMeryon, Charles1852View
Hotel De Sens, ParisBoys, Thomas Shotter1839View
Sample of Etching and Engraving TechniquesCossman, Alfred1947View
Coffee-stall, Hammersmith (Le Bar Ambulant à Hammersmith)Brangwyn, Sir Frank1919View
Table des Eaux-Fortes, from Le Chef-d'Oeuvre InconnuPicasso, Pablo; Vollard, Ambroise1931View
Ecris a ma respectable mere que je suis malade a l'hospital...Charlet, Nicolas Toussaint1824/1827View
Je suis Francais, Tu es francais...Charlet, Nicolas Toussaint1824/1827View
Death and the CardinalAldegrever, Heinrich1541View
Chanticleer and The FoxFrink, Elisabethca. 1974View
VICohen, Bernard1965View
Listen-Air/TearChristie, John1975View
VIICohen, Bernard1965View
David Tearing his ClothesAldegrever, Heinrich1540View
A Walk Along the Shore No. 8Christie, John1977View
Selbstbildnis am Tisch (Self-Portrait at the Table)Kollwitz, Käthe1893View
Shells and PebblesFedden, Mary1971View
SunscrapersHughes, Patrick1980View
Pour la tenue et l'amabilite, dux pompiers le pompon!Charlet, Nicolas Toussaint1824/1827View
L'Ampute FarceurCharlet, Nicolas Toussaint1824/1827View
Self Portrait in New YorkBhatt, Jyoti1964View
A Gauche, un Chariot Charge, Dont les, From Dessins de Quelques Conduites de TroupesDella Bella, Stefanoca. 1641View
Une Legere Promenade En OmnibusDaumier, Honoré1844View
Ne bois pas un ..Litre...Charlet, Nicolas Toussaint1824/1827View
Tantalus, from "The Four Disgracers"Goltzius, Hendrick (after Cornelis Cornelisz. Van Haarlem)1588View
Peasant in a Pointed Fur HatOstade, Adriaen vanca. 1640View
Archduke Albert of AustriaMuller, Jan Harmensz (after Peter Paul Rubens)1615View
Le Tambourin (The Tambourine)Descourtis, Charles-Melchior1788View
Holy Virgin with the Child and Saint JohnUnknown, after Antonio da Trento1500sView
Balli: Lucia & TrastulloCallot, Jacques1621View
Self Portrait with SaskiaRembrandt Harmensz van Rijn1636View
Balli: Gian Fritello & CiurloCallot, Jacques1621View
Two WomenLindner, Richard1977/78View
UntitledFeltzburger, JenniferUnknownView
UntitledRose, James A.View
Three ElephantsHandforth, Thomas1940View
Untitled (451c-1)Nelson, Joan1990View
Eggemoggin Reach (Landscape with Sailboat)Nason, Thomas Willoughby1940View
Notre Dame de ParisArms, John Taylor1925View
RitualTobey, Mark1973View
Mandarin and FlowersTobey, Mark1973View
The Abomination of WorkPennell, Joseph1909View
Millbank, from series The Thames SuiteWhistler, James Abbott McNeill1861View
Dawn CameHuntley, Victoria Ebbels1946View
Hollywood, Wie Es Wirklich IstKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Three Pekin DucksHandforth, Thomas1937View
The IntruderHeaslip, WilliamView
Gulls and SprayWatson, Eva Auld1942View
The Great White Cloud, LeedsPennell, Joseph1909View
Flat Iron Building from series "Lithographs of New York, 1904"Pennell, Joseph1904View
Lou GehrigKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Lil' Abner - UntitledCapp, Alfred G.1976View
Lil' Abner - Who's That Comin'?Capp, Alfred G.1976View
Multiple CMarca-Relli, Conrad1969View
Lil' Abner - Wife's PurposeCapp, Alfred G.1976View
Brother and SisterHandforth, Thomas1934/34View
UntitledMcCullagh, Roy1976View
American EnculturationCarter, Bruce1970View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
Death Among the ThistlesBaskin, Leonard1959View
Mews from series "News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues"Ruscha, Edward1970View
Winding RiverBicknell, William Harry Warren1912View
Four Seasons: SummerAltman, Harold1965View
Seated WarriorHandforth, Thomas1933View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
Big Knives (Crossed Knives)Handforth, Thomas1933View
Songs of a Sourdough from the portfolio In Our Time: Covers for a Small Library After the Life for the Most PartKitaj, R. B.1969View
Clinch IHandforth, Thomas1933View
HarmonizationKurz, John1982View
Figure EightGottlieb, Adolph1967View
SolitaireErdosy, Al1992View
Abside de la Cathedrale de Saint Pierre et Saint Paul, Troyes (Apse of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Troyes)Arms, John Taylor1929View
VagabondsBrooks, Mildred Bryant1935View
Noonday ShadowsKloss, GeneView
Thames Warehouses, from series The Thames SuiteWhistler, James Abbott McNeill1859View

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