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TitleArtistDate Made
Mon doux pays, où êtes-vous? (My sweet country, what has become of you?)Rouault, Georges1926View
Clue to the LabyrinthSpruance, Benton Murdock Murdoch1953View
Impatient to Enter, from Harper's WeeklyNast, Thomas1877View
Hew(itt) Down, from Harper's WeeklyNast, ThomasView
El CidDalí, Salvador1965View
Don QuixoteDalí, Salvador1964View
Composition (Tree)Szenes, Arpad1935View
FastnetHayter, Stanley William1985View
Brazilian Miniatures (Miniaturas Brasil)Leskoschek, AxlUnknownView
Brazilian Miniatures (Miniaturas Brasil)Leskoschek, AxlUnknownView
CityHayter, Stanley William1974View
Plate 6 from Diversi CapricciDella Bella, Stefanoca. 1644-47View
Frontispiece for Varie Figure GobbiCallot, Jacquesca. 1622View
Mujeres (Women) from the portfolio Grabados en Madera (Woodcuts)Zúñiga, Francisco1934View
Dos mujeres con Rebozos, Sentadas (Two women with shawls, seated)Zúñiga, Francisco1973View
Brazilian Miniatures (Miniaturas Brasil)Leskoschek, AxlUnknownView
Boojah of GhatHugo, Ian (Hugh Guiler)1942View
Set of Calling CardsMaker Unknown1870-1910View
Brazilian Miniatures (Miniaturas Brasil)Leskoschek, AxlUnknownView
Brazilian Miniatures (Miniaturas Brasil)Leskoschek, AxlUnknownView
Rue du Moulin-VertHayter, Stanley William1927View
SeclusionKipniss, Robert1980View
Welsh MinerSternberg, Harry1937View
road signs (part 1)Kent, Corita1969View
XII Prophets from Aleijandinho Portfolio - List of PlatesRacz, Andre1946, published 1947View
XII Prophets from Aleijandinho Portfolio - AmosRacz, Andre1946, published 1947View
Pequeño retablo (chapter 5), Image title: El cometa from Diez Aguafuertes (Ten Etchings), plate VMendez, Leopoldo; Méndez, Leopoldo1964View
Regreso a Papantla (chapter 9), Image title: En camino de Papantla from Diez Aguafuertes (Ten Etchings), plate IXMendez, Leopoldo; Méndez, Leopoldo1964View
La revolución es la revolución (chapter 14), from Diez Aguafuertes (Ten Etchings), plate XIVMendez, Leopoldo; Méndez, Leopoldo1964View
Coast Near BonifacioHayter, Stanley William1926View
DownwardHayter, Stanley William1987-88View
DownwardHayter, Stanley William1987-88View
Reclining Woman (Reposo) from Mexican Masters SuiteSiqueiros, David Alfaro1973View
La Maga from Mexican Masters SuiteCuevas, José Luis1973View
Le Jongleur (The Juggler) from the portfolio Le Cirque (The Circus)Rouault, Georges1930View
City SceneFreelon, Sr., Allan Randallc. 1935, printed 2008View
Portfolio Case for Ten EngravingsHugo, Ian (Hugh Guiler)1979View
El Velorio (The Wake)Baumann, Gustave1927 (printed 1936)View
A Means to an End: A Shadow Drama in Five ActsWalker, Kara Elizabeth1994View
Unloading FishFreelon, Sr., Allan Randallc. 1935, printed 2008View
Ten EngravingsHugo, Ian (Hugh Guiler)printed 1977-1978, published 1979View
Untitled (worshippers walking through hall) from "Der Dom" portfolioThalmann, Max1923/24, published 1924View
Forest Woman from the portfolio Ten EngravingsHugo, Ian (Hugh Guiler)1945 (printed 1977-1978, published 1979)View
Market WagonFreelon, Sr., Allan Randall1933, printed 2008View
Figo (Fig)Milhazes, Beatriz2007View
Black Wood Block for "El Velorio (The Funeral)"Baumann, Gustave1927View
Winter, No. 2: Loquat and Japanese Paradise Flycatchers from Bairei's Picture Album of Birds and FlowersBairei, Kono1883View
Letters from Home: Dear Sam, 5 August 1968 from DMaitin, Sam1968View
#9 Star on Web II from Quasi Periodic Space SeriesMylonas, Eleni2000View
Reign of Claws, Portfolio of Eleven EngravingsRacz, Andre1945View
Glorious Fruit from Sultana’s DreamGanesh, Chitra2018View
Mino for Mrs G number twoMaitin, Samca. 1975View
Art of War 2 from Sultana’s DreamGanesh, Chitra2018View
To Assemble a Flying Car from Sultana’s DreamGanesh, Chitra2018View
The CageBecker, Fred1946View
Nu EtenduHayter, Stanley William1926-27View
news of the weekKent, Corita1969View
Colophon Page for Twenty-Three Original Plates by Allan Randall FreelonFreelon, Sr., Allan Randall2008View
Cover of portfolio Eaux-Fortes originales pour Le Chef-d'Oeuvre inconnu D'Honore de Balzac (Original Etchings for the Unknown Masterpiece of Honore de Balzac)Picasso, Pablo; Vollard, Ambroise1927, published 1931View
African FolktaleLegge, Willow1979View
Coptic OpticsWilliams, Emmett1979View
D YellowKnowles, Justin1968/71View
Tower of London from Bridge, from series Six Views of London and VicinityUnknownca. 1900View
Vue de New YorkGarneray, Ambroise-Louis (?) (after); Himely, Sigismond (after)ca. 1834View
Cathedral, Chester, from series Six Views of London and VicinityUnknownca. 1900View
Paysage de BourgogneGalanis, DemetriosUnknownView
Pony Riding in the Park, WinterTait, AgnesUnknownView
Diana's Pond & Lion Gate, Hampton CourtBarrett, Charles RobertView
Rinder IINolan, SidneyView
Rinder IVNolan, SidneyView
Return of TobiasCort, Cornelisca. 1554/55View
L'Enchantments de l'eteCorneille1977View
L'Enchantments de l'eteCorneille1977View
Vanity of Human WishesNolan, SidneyView
Inferno (from a series of 9 serigraphs)Nolan, Sidneyca. 1965/72View
King Lear, William ShakespeareKokoschka, Oskar1963View
Variations on Wagner's RingWortuba, Fritz1967View
Song of SongsRothenstein, Michael1979View
WorksheetChristie, JohnSeptember, 1979View
Continuity Book, from portfolio titled "The Elastic Membrane"Kidner, Michael1979View
Interior: NoonCaulfield, Patrick1970View
(Magenta Disk Red Edge)Heron, Patrick1970View
ICohen, Bernard1965View
Red Leaf FormTurnbull, William1967View
Vase on DisplayCaulfield, Patrick1970View
Monro, NicholasView
She Kept on GrowingOvenden, Graham1970View
L'Enchantments de l'eteCorneille1977View
Notebook, from portfolio titled "The Elastic Membrane"Kidner, Michael1979View
'De Morandi'Tyson, Ian and Power, Kevin1979View

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