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TitleArtistDate Made
After Constant TroyonBicknell, William Harry Warren1914View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1940sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
Maid and RavanaHandforth, Thomas1934View
Calligraphic Study IMotherwell, Robert1976View
UntitledLipton, Seymour1969View
UntitledMcCullagh, Roy1976View
Four Scale Multiples of FourBayer, Herbert1968/73View
American FlagScott, Jeffrey1975View
Roots of Abstract Art in AmericaMotherwell, Robert1965View
Untitled (Two horses pulling log cart with man by side)Kinney, Troy1934View
Chinese Wrestlers VIHandforth, Thomas1932View
William MorrisBaskin, Leonard1960View
Death Among the ThistlesBaskin, Leonard1959View
ScavengersCarter, Bruce1970View
Mews from series "News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues"Ruscha, Edward1970View
Closed Ward Number 14, (Three Beds)Mazur, Michael1963View
Winding RiverBicknell, William Harry Warren1912View
Pioneer RestingHiggins, Eugene1938View
Saint Catherine's Belfry, HonfleurArms, John Taylor1932View
Yo-YoHughes, Ralph S.1965View
District SchoolhouseNason, Thomas Willoughby1942View
Broadway from Bowling Green from series "Lithographs of New York, 1904"Pennell, Joseph1904View
Up DogMurray, Elizabeth1988View
Images from a Locked Ward #8 (The Swing)Mazur, Michael1964View
SummerHandforth, Thomas1933View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1970sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
GongBertoia, Harryca. 1970/71View
No Man's Land - Early Morning, St. Mihiel DriveEby, Kerr1934View
I Know a Tree Beyond the Bend AheadKemble, Richard1975View
Four Seasons: SummerAltman, Harold1965View
Ravin RitaRamos, Mel1969View
3Indiana, Robert1968View
MotherhoodHandforth, Thomas1934View
News from series "News, Mews, Pews, Brews, Stews & Dues"Ruscha, Edward1970View
The SailorBloch, Julius ThiengenUnknownView
Cith Wall, PekingHandforth, Thomas1932View
Seated WarriorHandforth, Thomas1933View
Old BarnDetwiller, Frederick Knecht1927View
Mont Saint Michel/Abby Church of Saint MichelArms, John Taylor1926View
July 10, Today The Color of A Teaspoon from Portfolio GardenDash, Robert Warren1972View
The Coal Mine, SwanseaPennell, Joseph1909View
When Does A Mist Become A Fog? from Portfolio GardenDash, Robert Warren1972View
Sequential Series, no. VAnuszkiewicz, Richard Joseph1972View
In the OpenEby, Kerrca. 1924/27View
Articles and PamphletsKitaj, R. B.1969/70View
Abbeville, St. VulframArms, John Taylor1925View
LandscapeBerea, Demetre de1979View
Asturius No. 1Seraphim, JulianaUnknownView
Spirit of St. LouisZiegler, HenryView
Jewish Philosopher (?)Shreck (?)1903View
Big DaddyStevens, May1970View
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
UntitledBertoia, Harryca. 1950sView
Nel Torchio N. 1Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N. 3Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N. 4Savelli, Angelo1961View
Big Knives (Crossed Knives)Handforth, Thomas1933View
Elemental LandscapeRedd, Richard J.1975View
Andrea MantegnaBaskin, Leonard1960View
Birthday Picture II, from A Series of Eight ScreenprintsBayer, Herbert1970View
Ruth White Gallery - Poster 1968Mark, Phyllis1968View
Summer Suite (B)Marca-Relli, Conrad1970View
The EdgeKipniss, RobertView
ShenandoahPennell, Joseph1910View
Songs of a Sourdough from the portfolio In Our Time: Covers for a Small Library After the Life for the Most PartKitaj, R. B.1969View
Games, Musical ChairsMarx, MarciaUnknownView
Pink GroundGottlieb, Adolph1972View
Circus RidersHandforth, Thomas1933View
Clinch IHandforth, Thomas1933View
Aluminum Foil Days with Beads of Moisture from Portfolio GardenDash, Robert Warren1972View
Fishmongers' HallBrangwyn, Sir Frank1904View
ErdosyErdosy, Al1992View
Untitled (Kutztown Connection poster)Haring, Keith1984View
Portrait of a LadyLevine, JackView
Tree HouseErdosy, Al1992View
MaskKurz, John1982View
A Man and a Cat and a Bag (a monument)Kurz, John1982View
Harmonization IIIKurz, John1982View
HarmonizationKurz, John1982View
SpinningRothenberg, Susan1986View
Centers of PowerGórny, Anthony-Petr1985/86View
Fantasia 1-aKurz, John1971View
Nel Torchio N. 5Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N. 6Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N. 7Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N.8Savelli, Angelo1961View
Nel Torchio N. 9Savelli, Angelo1961View

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